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We all know that a well-functioning team can become a sustainable competitive advantage. But for even the best leaders, making the individuals you work with everyday function well together can be challenging. 

Carlsen Coaching & Consulting’s “Illuminate” process provides an approach to team dynamics that helps members of the team understand themselves—and each other—in new ways. It reveals hidden strengths and uncovers gaps. And it helps each team member play a unique and valuable role that’s aligned to the success of the group. The result is a team where the whole can be greater than the sum of its parts.

Team coaching.

Whether your business partner is a brilliant colleague, a trusted family member or a long-term friend, shared leadership is challenging. At planned or unexpected moments of transition, former strengths can become liabilities, and unspoken expectations can tear the partnership fabric. 

With over a decade of experience with partnership coaching, we provide the specialized approach and tools that allow these business relationships to thrive in the face of change.

Partnership coaching.

We’ve worked with hundreds of individuals seeking to engage authentically as leaders, partners and humans. Our understanding of systems, actually, is an understanding of individuals within larger structures as we discover the work, the calling and the deeper sense of purpose that brings us wholeness.

Individual coaching.

There are three primary areas where Carlsen Coaching & Consulting engages with leaders:

A springboard for individuals.

  • Strengthening the capacities and skills for leading teams well.
  • Helping individuals create a life and career that fulfills a deeper sense of purpose.
  • Making effective career and life transitions.

A central theme at Carlsen Coaching & Consulting is finding clarity in the midst of complexity. It’s when we understand ourselves and each other that we can most creatively respond to the challenges we face.

Clarity at the core.

The right fit is important, and a conversation is a great place to start.

Making the connection.

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