What Will You Bring?

What will you bring?

What Will You Bring?

It’s Thanksgiving in the US this week.

What (energy/presence/being) will you bring?img_7454-copy

My family will gather at my sister’s house for Thanksgiving this year.  I’ll bring the salad, an appetizer, lefse (I’m a good Norwegian) and wine.  In years past, I’ve been known to also throw in some overwhelmirritation and resistance as well.
How often do you bring energy to an event that actually detracts from the experience?

It is so easy to focus on the “content” of the experience, and to ignore what else we choose to bring.At a concert this past weekend, I experienced someone who focused on his energy as fully as his art.  David Wilcox brought his guitar and his music as expected, but threw in lots of curiosityjoy and wonder throughout his performance.  His lyrics challenged us to courageously listen to each other; his presence encouraged us to take ourselves less seriously.

The experience was surprising and deeply refreshing.

How we do something is always as important as what we do.   Our energetic habits, like all habits, take some time and awareness to shift.

My suggestion?  Use this Thanksgiving holiday (or any other event of your choosing) as an opportunity to build your “energy awareness” and to put some intention into how you show up.

Take five minutes right now to ask yourself these questions:

  • What energy do I habitually bring to this type of event?
  • What works well about that?
  • What doesn’t so work well?
  • What kind of experience do I want for myself and for others?
  • What is needed from me?
Write down words that describe your “energy intention” on a sticky note, and read it many times ahead of the event.  Notice during and after the event how shifting your own energy impacted your experience.

This year I plan to bring extra gratitude, plenty of curiosity and quiet joy to our Thanksgiving.  The people with whom I’m celebrating may bring something totally different.  I don’t get to choose how they show up – only how I show up.  I trust it will make all the difference.

I’d love to hear about your energy shifts!