Stop & Celebrate

Stop & Celebrate!

 Stop & Celebrate!

“Remember to celebrate milestones as you prepare for the road ahead.”

~ Nelson MandelaTesting-2

This quote caught my attention today.

How often do you hit a big milestone in your business, and then just keep going on to the next task? Even if you have worked hard to get to the milestone, stopping to celebrate can seem silly – especially if no one outside your business would even notice the change.

I’ve been very busy preparing for the next phase of my business – adding to my website, learning new technology, moving into new space, hiring outside help and expanding my network in all sorts of ways.  In the midst of all the work in December, I got a letter from the International Coach Federation congratulating me on becoming a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).  Woohoo!

Oh yeah…only the coaching community really know or care what that means. Even though it was an important milestone for me, my clients’ experience won’t be directly affected.  I told my husband, who then texted my siblings and children.  That was the extent of our celebration, especially since we were entering the holidays.

Unlike the obvious milestones we make time to celebrate (Welcome to your new home!  You’re turning 40! Congratulations on making partner!), professional and business milestones are easy to minimize and ignore.

Here’s my invitation.  When you set some big (or little) milestone for yourself or your business, add your intention to celebrate when you get there.  It will add incentive to do the work, and then be renewing for the journey ahead.

Stop.  Celebrate.  Notice.  Be present to what is in front of you, especially when you or your team have worked hard.  

In celebration,