Carlsen Coaching & Consulting has worked with teams across industries including legal, financial, professional services, higher education, non-profit and family-run businesses at critical junctures in their growth. It’s at points of transition where good process and experienced insight can make the daunting manageable.

Processes and tools for
times of change.

  • Organizational clarity.
  • Leadership development workshops, and  developing individual leader skills and capacities.
  • Enhancing group ability for growth and cooperation.
  • Group facilitation for challenging initiatives.
  • Staying creative in the midst of rapidly changing environments.
  • Increasing communication effectiveness.
  • Identifying and articulating a compelling vision.
  • Aligning decisions with organizational “why” and values.
  • Leading with and without authority.
  • Increasing effectiveness in relational conflict.

At Carlsen Coaching & Consulting, our areas of focus include:

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