Discover Your Enneagram Type to Deepen Your Self-Understanding

Self-Awareness is always the first step to healing and growth.  Understanding your Enneagram type may provide a shortcut to both.

Join us for a 6 hour introduction to the Enneagram. We’ve intentionally scheduled it over two consecutive Monday evenings to allow some time to integrate the learning. On January 22nd, we will introduce the 9 types and explore the strengths of each. By the end of the evening, we’ll ask participants to choose one type to “try on” for day 2. On January 29th, we will revisit the 9 types in a way that allows participants more time for self-reflection.

Note:  Your registration includes BOTH January 22nd (6-9 pm) & January 29th (6-9 pm).  Eventbrite will only show 1/22 on the registration page.


Centered Practice, Suite 104 (Richard Gorton Building)

1619 Dayton Avenue

St. Paul, MN 55104

Eventbrite - Discover your Enneagram Type to Deepen Self-Awareness