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At points of profound change, effective leadership is challenging. You could be passing leadership between generations of a family company, or merging cultures and expecting everyone to “play well together,” or maybe you’re in a new role managing new people while facing a significant strategic shift. 

Carlsen Coaching & Consulting engages precisely at these hard junctures, enabling teams and individuals to find clear ways forward. We help turn often difficult transitions into transformations, equipping leaders to work collaboratively in authentic and powerful ways. 

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A commitment to collaboration. 

Start with why. Your engaged team is the how.

Build internal capacity.
Not dependence. 

The idea is to provide the team with foundational elements that become self-sustaining. With that in mind, the Carlsen Coaching & Consulting approach both facilitates change and trains leaders to keep the flywheel spinning.

Innovation thrives with
trust. Let’s foster that. 

While we often picture well-working systems as clockwork, the cogs of a clock don’t bring the passion, empathy and resilience that is engaged when true collaboration happens. These are the energies that our work enables. 

Leaders set the tone. 
That’s why it starts with you.

From our experience with challenging team dynamics, as much as good facilitation matters, we know that corporate commitment to change, to introspection and even to being vulnerable is what makes success possible. 

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Your situation is unique. 
So is our solution. 

We don’t have a single approach. Trained in resources like Leadership Circle Profile 360 and iEA9 Enneagram Assessment, as well as on-going certification in coaching and team dynamics, we apply the approach that best fits each team’s need. 

Teams need to be aligned to the goal. 
The advantage lies in being aligned to each other. 

Specializing in both “systems” facilitation and individual coaching, Carlsen Coaching & Consulting brings a forest and trees approach to the work. It’s this individual and organization focus that helps our clients unlock some of the most tenacious issues.

Team, Partnership and 
Individual Coaching


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Team Workshops

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"(Sarah) is incredibly talented at asking powerful questions that help me gain clarity or find the patterns behind the concerns I have. I can see the long-lasting change that Sarah’s work has created in my thought patterns and my ability to navigate leadership and team challenges with confidence, thoughtfulness, and resilience."


– Jacqueline Schieck, DDS, MS

Owner, Schieck Orthodontics

"You have been such a fantastic and compassionate guide through this process.  I am also grateful for the Enneagram as an important tool for identifying personality traits and grounding our conversations in a framework."


–  M.K.

Program Director, Higher Ed.

"Thanks for your ability to pull off our “higher ed blinders” to view problems we confront in a wider context. This is needed knowledge."


Vice President of Academic Affairs

"Sarah truly met me where I was at, which was honestly a bit all over! She was both a mirror and a compass for me, but never in a prescriptive way. Her use of enneagram as tool was both empowering and enlightening. As we navigated my career transition, she also helped me unlock new lenses through which to see myself as a leader.  I can’t recommend her enough."


– R.F.

Senior Product Manager

"I am in the middle of our annual reviews and I continue hear how much you have pushed each leader to grow. You were clearly a great choice to help us go to the next level."


– Chad Dunkley

CEO, New Horizons Academy

Take the first step. 

Let’s connect and talk about where you or your organization are today, and whether Carlsen Coaching & Consulting approach is well-matched to your needs. This first conversation will give you clarity to take the next steps well. 

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Interested in hearing more from Sarah?

Interested in hearing more from Sarah?